We are so thankful that our patients have placed these reviews spontaneously and without any incentive from us. Although a lot of doctors retain companies to solicit reviews from patients, or even directly ask patients to write reviews, we want you to know that our Yelp reviews are true and unsolicited!







LOCATION: Citibank Building (white 9-story office building). See photo in the upper left corner of this page. Address, phone number, parking info and directions in the box to the right --------------------------------------->




TIME TO SCHEDULE END-OF-YEAR APPOINTMENTS and FLEX SPENDING – There are three reasons why you may want to schedule an exam now.

(1) If you are due for an eye exam in November and December and you have not already scheduled an appointment, please check your calendars and call soon. November and December are short months due to the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year holidays. Every year there are patients who wait until the very end of the year to schedule an exam and it is not always possible to squeeze them in.

(2) If your vision plan starts over on the first of January and if you have not used the plan for an exam, glasses or contact lenses in 2014, you may want to do so because in some cases, the benefits do not roll over into the new year.

(3) Many flex spending plan funds must be used by December 31. If you want to use your flex spending funds for an exam, glasses or contacts lenses, and if you need an appointment for an exam, now is the time to call.


SCHEDULE CHANGE - Beginning on Thursday, October 23, we will be closed most Thursdays. We will, however, be open on an occasional Thursday. Just give us a call if you need to stop by on a Thursday and ask whether we will be open that day.


2014 is our 50-year anniversary at this location! It is amazing to contemplate this, but our founder, Dr. Gordon Lewis, moved into this office in 1964 when our building first opened. This suite has been an optometry office ever since then. Dr. Gail Murphy took over in 1990, and then Dr. Gore became our doctor in 2005. During all of this time, we have done our best to provide patient, thorough, personalized eye care to our community, fighting against the trend of doctors' offices as factories. 2014 is also the 9-year anniversary of Dr. Gore's arrival at this location and his 15-year anniversary of becoming an optometrist.


TOMS Optical Collection Available NOW! - Our office is now the exclusive Pasadena location to have TOMS eyewear. Sunwear and Optical frames are available now. With every pair of TOMS eyewear you purchase, TOMS will help give sight to a person in need via their One for One program: TOMS will donate a pair of prescription glasses, sight saving surgery, or medical treatment to help solve vision problems in the U.S. and 13 countries around the world. Learn more about their One-For-One program:



GEOFFREY BEENE EYEGLASSES - YOUR PURCHASE RESULTS IN CORPORATE DONATIONS TO THOSE IN NEED - We are excited to have received eyeglass frames from Geoffrey Beene (both for men and women). We think you will like that Geoffrey Beene gives 100% of net profits from their business to philanthropic causes, including medical research (such as cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer's disease research), protection of women and children, veterans' programs, and animal protection. For more information, see:


New page on this website, including info about DILATION: The following page discusses how to prepare for your appointment, what to expect, what to bring, and also has FAQ about pupillary dilation:

Summary about dilation:

(1) You are allowed to refuse to be dilated, of course.

(2) It is important that this be done periodically as it helps detect ocular disease.

(3) When dilation is appropriate, we try to get it done at your first visit, so we ask that you make your plans accordingly when you schedule your appointment.

(4) If we will be spending a lot of time on fitting or refitting contact lenses at your first visit, we will defer dilation to another day, if dilation is indicated. However, if you are having symptoms suggesting that it is more important to dilate at your first visit, then we will defer working on your contact lenses to another day.

(5) For the side effects of dilation, please refer to the page on our website mentioned above.




Half of Online Eyeglasses Fail Prescription or Safety Specifications - ¡Buyer Beware! - According to a study published in Optometry: Journal of the American Optometric Association, "some 44.8 percent of spectacles [purchased from online stores] failed to meet either prescription specifications or impact-resistance requirements." This means that if one were to buy glasses online, there is approximately a one in two chance that the lens powers, the chosen lens treatments/coatings, safety aspects, or other specifications, are wrong. Such glasses could cause blur, discomfort, headaches, eyestrain, double vision or in worst scenario, eye injury. For more information, please see this webpage:



New page on this website about MACULAR PIGMENTS: A webpage discussing the benefits of dietary pigments lutein and zeaxanthin for people at risk for age-related macular degeneration is located here:




ANNOUNCING: NEW ANTI-REFLECTIVE TREATMENT WITH TECHNOLOGY THAT BLOCKS HARMFUL BLUE LIGHT - We are exposed to a tremendous amount of blue light both from digital devices (cell phones, tablets and computers) and also from non-digital activities in the normal environment. Some of these wavelengths are harmful to eye health, and some of them are helpful. Problems that may be associated with excessive exposure to these wavelengths include: sleep problems, increased glare, and even macular degeneration. Hoya Vision has released a new lens treatment (Hoya Recharge EX-3) that selectively blocks harmful blue light while allowing good wavelengths to reach the eyes.  This lens treatment has strong anti-reflective and anti-scratch capabilities, making the lens more scratch resistant than glass (per Hoya's literature). Here is a Hoya video about harmful blue light and why it is important to block it:

Here are four articles with more details about this subject:







ANNOUNCING: SYNC LENSES FROM HOYA THAT HELP REDUCE VISUAL FATIGUE FROM DIGITAL DEVICES - This is a new single vision lens (a unique, new design and not a progressive) that is helpful for people who spend a lot of time on digital devices (cellphones, tablets and computers). While it might be nice to put all these devices away and go outside and have some fun, that is probably not going to happen any time soon. Sync lenses help with near focusing, thus relieving our eye muscles from having to work so hard all day. The Sync lens comes in two varieties. There is the Sync 5 lens (designed for children and young adults) and the Sync 8 lens (designed mostly for people in their late 30s and early 40s). This article gives more detail about the Sync lens:



EARLY MORNING AND LATE AFTERNOON EXAM APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE - We now have appointments that start as early as 8:30 a.m. and start as late as 5:00 p.m. All exams are by appointment only.




READERS' CHOICE AWARD - We were humbled to learn that we were voted to be the BEST OPTOMETRY OFFICE by the readers of the Pasadena Independent and the sister newspapers that are part of Beacon Media. Dr. Gore and the staff extend our deep thanks for this award. We will do our best to continue to provide high-quality eye care to our community. To view the Pasadena Independent 2012-2013 Readers' Choice issue, please click here. Our office is mentioned on pages 2, 13 and 27.





When you purchase a full year’s supply of contact lenses from our office, you will get:

• Free shipping to your home or office

• 50% off a pair of non-prescription sunglasses within 30 days of the contact lens purchase.

• 20% off a pair of backup glasses

• Any rebates currently available from the contact lens manufacturer (note that VSP members receive DOUBLE the national rebate on some Acuvue and Bausch and Lomb contact lenses. Ask one of the opticians for more details.





NEW CONTACT LENS FITTING SET IN THE OFFICEAlcon/Ciba Dailies Total One - This is Alcon/Ciba's newest daily disposable. This lens has a new highly breathable material and a newly engineered water gradient design whereby the water content at the surface of the lens approaches 100%. This lens is getting rave reviews both for comfort and vision.





FROM 2:00PM-3:00PM



NEW EQUIPMENT - We have purchased a new corneal topographer. This is a device that makes a map of the cornea, which is the outer lens of the eye. The new equipment will help diagnose certain corneal diseases and also help with contact lens fits. With this purchase, we have now replaced all of our equipment with new models!


RETINAL CAMERA - Perhaps the best equipment purchase we have made thus far is our retinal camera. In the 2+ years we have had this device it has uncovered an unbelievable amount of pathology on patients even as young as their teen years. For more info about the new camera, see the following page and scroll to the bottom:






If you are looking for a new eye doctor, I invite you to choose our office to provide your eye care. You are welcome whether you are concerned about a specific ocular problem or if you just need a routine eye exam. Our practice includes patients age 9 through seniors.

I aim to be the most thorough optometrist and provide the highest quality eye exam in Pasadena. I do my best to answer your questions about eye health, glasses and contact lenses. Since graduation, I have opposed the factory mentality that is so common in optometry and in health care in general. You are not a number in this office; I like to treat each patient as if he or she were a family member. Also we do our very best to keep to the appointment schedule and minimize your time in the waiting room.

Regarding eyeglass purchases at our office: Before I owned this office, I worked in several other offices and chains. My experience was that in many of those offices, when glasses were received from the optical lab, they were dispensed to the patient without being checked for accuracy. This means that in some cases, various parameters may not be correct, which can cause patients to have blur, discomfort, eyestrain or headaches. I want to assure my patients that I personally analyze every pair of glasses upon receipt from the lab and if I find something out of tolerance, those lenses are returned to the lab for a redo.

I advise an eye exam every year or so even if your vision is good, because certain eye diseases (such as glaucoma) sometimes do not have symptoms in the early stages, and it is better to discover the problem before it is too late to treat. Also, I may be able to improve your vision so that various activities in your life (such as computer work or sports) may be easier and more comfortable.

For mild-to-moderate medical conditions (such as dry eye and allergic or bacterial conjunctivitis), I offer treatment including prescriptions for various eyedrops. If I find or suspect any serious eye disease, damage or degeneration (such as significant cataracts, glaucoma or macular degeneration), I will refer you to an excellent local specialist ophthalmologist.

I hope to see you soon!

Andrew Gore, O.D.




P.S. UPDATE REGARDING NO-SHOWS, LAST-MINUTE CANCELLATIONS AND OVERBOOKING: We understand that in our busy and sometimes unpredictable lifestyles, sometimes there are unforeseen emergencies that make it hard to keep appointments. However, we wanted to let you know that when you make an appointment at our office, we are setting aside 45 to 60 minutes with the optometrist, time that is dedicated just to you. We do not double book patients. Lately there have been many no-shows and last-minute cancellations. This brings our work to a grinding halt, and we are also unable to help someone else that would have liked to have that appointment. If you find that you are unable to keep your appointment, we would be so grateful if you could let us know at least 24 hours in advance. Thank you so much!




Check Your VSP Benefits:


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Contact Us:
Phone: 626-796-5533
301 E. Colorado Blvd, Suite 528
Pasadena, CA 91101
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Our office is on the fifth floor of the Citibank building at the corner of Colorado and Garfield.


(See photo of the front of our building on the upper left corner of this page.)


FREE PARKING: Please use the three-story parking structure located BEHIND OUR OFFICE BUILDING. Parking is located at 330 East Union, which is between Euclid and Garfield. Union is a one-way street heading west and it is located one block north of Colorado Blvd. After you drive west on Union through the intersection of Union and Euclid, you will see Pasadena City Hall on your right and our parking structure on your left. We will validate your parking ticket and parking will be free for the time you spend in our office.

 **Please note that although our office address is on Colorado Blvd, the main entrance to our building is on Garfield, on the SIDE of the building.


NEAREST METRO STOP IS MEMORIAL PARK - We are approximately two blocks east and one block south of this Metro Park station.



Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, 10:00 to 2:00 and 3:00 to 6:00. 

We are closed most but not all Thursdays.



The doctor sees patients by appointment only. Exams can start as early as 8:30 a.m. and start as late as 5:00 p.m.


LUNCH: We close for lunch from 2:00 to 3:00.


It is always best to call before visiting; we see patients by appointment only so that we can give you our undivided attention.

Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

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